Scientist: My findings are pointless when taken out of context

Media: Scientist claims “findings are pointless”

Science Producer

Working in TV production, I've had the incredible opportunity to film over the world and witness pioneering science events alongside the history that seeded them - from mission control in NASA's furthest mission to date to the room from which Kurt Gödel shook the foundations of Mathematics in 1931. My work for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Al Jazeera and PBS has gone on to be nominated for and win prestigious international awards for documentary and science communication.

My projects so far have focused on the physics, biology and statistics that govern our understanding about our world as well as influencing our technologies, societies and cultures. In future films I see that scope expanding to tell more of the human stories behind the science - the people who have brought such changes, what inspired them and the surprising journeys along the way to discovery.

Science Journalist

I’ve published articles on maths communication, cold-chain logistics, and coal mining in China. I interviewed the man who discovered the hole in the ozone layer from a ship in the Antarctic, filmed live taxidermy demonstrations and was invited to a Bill Gates conference as a new media journalist and editor of a 6-month old blog.

I was awarded a fellowship from the Association of British Science Writers to visit Uganda in 2012 and wrote an article on the experience.

For my Science Journalism MA final project, I scripted, recorded, and edited short news features and has written, filmed, and produced a 10-minute film on genetic modification.