American Spring LIVE

Field Producer and Director: PBS, April 2019, 3x 60’ documentary

Spring is one of nature’s greatest performances – a time of rebirth, renewed energy and dramatic transformations. For three consecutive nights on PBS and Facebook, American Spring LIVE presents the change from winter to spring in real time from iconic locations across America.

Fast Forward

Assistant Producer: PBS, Fall 2019, 1x 60’ documentary

Investigating the various facets of aging in America through the lens of younger generations (aged 30-65) to determine how Americans think of their later years and how they can prepare for old age, both for themselves and together with their families, well before a life-limiting diagnosis.

The Great Call

Producer and Editor: One Health Productions, March 2018

Exploring how music is influenced by our environments through bioacoustics and the gibbons of Borneo, this documentary weaves high tech with old narrative for a fresh perspective on conservation practices through local culture.


Reanimation! | Massive Science

Producer: Massive Science, June 2018, 7x 4 online animations

Seven-part series delving into the different scientific, ethical and philosophical lessons we've collectively learned from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein created by seven animation teams, 12 scientists, writers, engineers, physicists and an archaeologist.

The Wild Reborn

Producer and Editor: One Health Productions, March 2018

As the team at the Wolf Conservation Center in upstate New York prepare to artificially inseminate one of their Mexican Grey Wolves, we look back on how they narrowly avoided extinction in North America.

What Would Teddy Do? | NatGeo Explorer

Archive Researcher: National Geographic International, Oct 2016, 1x 44’ documentary

What would Teddy Roosevelt do about the critical issues we face now? As the US election campaign hits the home stretch, this documentary presents a fresh analysis of TR’s leadership by today’s most prominent political and cultural minds.


Genius by Stephen Hawking | PBS

Assistant Producer: PBS, May 2016, 1x 44' documentary

World-famous scientist Stephen Hawking sets a series of mental and physical challenges for three ordinary people to think like a genius. In this episode they find out if time travel is possible.

MAGOS - An Impossible Door

Lighting Grip: Short film for Human Pictures, Dec 2015

Rafaela, a photographer and thief struggling to keep her sanity mourns the passing of Oliver, her partner. After a brush with death, what she choses to believe could save Oliver’s life or end her own.

Mission Pluto | NatGeo

Assistant Producer: National Geographic International, July 2015, 1x 44' documentary

Following the pioneering New Horizons spacecraft on its 3 billion mile mission to Pluto - at the intersection of scientific imagination, engineering triumphs and human exploration. 


Humanity from Space | PBS

Researcher: PBS/ Discovery US, Apr 2015, 1x 111' documentary

Epic data-driven production across Canada, US and Europe investigating global interconnected networks; their origins, success and future challenges.

Human Universe | BBC2

Researcher: BBC2, Oct 2014, 60' documentary

Landmark BBC series presented by physicist Professor Brian Cox asking the big questions about the human race; who we are, why we’re here and where we’re going.

Climate Change By Numbers | BBC4

Winner of The AAAS Gold Award for in-depth television reporting

Researcher: BBC4, March 2015, 1x 90' documentary

Probing the facts behind the stats in the greatest science investigation on Earth - how climate scientists calculate the claims and how certain we can be about them.


The Joy Of Logic | BBC4

Winner of the Best International Film Award at the AFO

Nominated for the Grierson Award for Best Science Documentary 2014

Researcher: BBC4, Dec 2013, 60' documentary

How the rules of logic have shaped our modern world – from Aristotle to Alice in Wonderland; the foundations of maths to the future of computing with Professor Dave Cliff.

Don't Panic - The Truth About Population | BBC2

Winner of the 2013 RTS Innovation Award

Researcher: BBC2, Nov 2013, 1x 60' documentary

A statistical tour-de-force revealing the truth about global population rise through state of the art 3D graphics presented by the indomitable Professor Hans Rosling.

Everyday Eden | BBC4

Production Co-ordinator: BBC4, Mar 2014, 60' documentary

The surprising and barely told story of the suburban garden - historian and journalist Michael Collins follows Londoners away from the city in search of a piece of heaven.


The Cure | Al Jazeera English

Researcher: Al Jazeera English, Summer 2013, 12x 30 documentary

Presented by practicing medics, this series takes you on a journey to the frontiers of world health, to some of the most intractable health problems and the inspirational people working to find a cure.

earthrise | Al Jazeera English

Winner of the 2012 FPA Award for Best Environmental Story

Researcher: Al Jazeera English, Summer 2013, 12x 30 documentary

Award-winning series exploring solutions to environmental challenges around the world - positive insights from the frontline of technology and innovation.

GM Growing Up

Producer, Director, Editor: 12' documentary

Final project for my Science Journalism MA on genetically modified crops; why have they caused so much debate, is the science safe and can a technology that causes so much controversy be a vital tool in global food security?